Gradle: download gradle takes “very long time”, activity_main.xml keeps showing “Loading”

I have installed Android Studio today. I’m a newbie to Android development. My Android Studio is most updated as of now, so none of the solution seems to work. [AndroidStudio v3.6]

After the installation got over, I attempted to create an Empty Project. It opened the whole project as seen below,

enter image description here

After waiting for 7+ minutes (bottom-left), gradle is still not downloaded, and the activity_main.xml file keeps showing “Loading”. I’m stucked in this part for hours.

Solution 1 - Change the gradle location

I found this location to C:\Users\RAHUL.LAPTOP-DISIIAS2\.gradle\wrapper\dists\gradle-5.6.4-all\ankdp27end7byghfw1q2sw75f, but it contains two files - one is and other is file.

Solution 2 - Invalidate and restart

Doesn’t seem to work

Solution 3 - Change gradle settings to work in offline mode

The version I’m using doesn’t have the option

enter image description here

Please help me to fix it.

Here is my file:

enter image description here