Grid and Flexbox - (even simple JS) - Templates to start from?

Hi All -

Can you recommend your top resources for grid and flexbox (even with simple JS) templates / boiler plates preferably with some base styling?

I noticed a few very bare examples here -

I guess from code pen, requiring attribution which is OK… but too many to search from there… Thinking of -

  • landing page - base layout and style
  • blog - base layout and style
  • membership site - etc
  • marketplace site - etc

I’m not really that interested in learning all the ins and outs of CSS and JS…And i’m definitely not a designer… So, interesting in solid starting points for most types of sites that I could build from / around / onto.


If you want to me a web dev, you must learn how to use these tools. Web dev is not cut and paste. You won’t get very far without knowing these tools. It would be like trying to be an architect by using other people’s blueprints and cutting and pasting the parts you like.

I (and a lot of devs) can relate to the sentiment “I’m definitely not a designer”. But being a web dev and being a designer are not necessarily the same thing. It’s good to learn the basics, but coming up with the designs and knowing how to make them come to life are not the same thing.

Looking at some other pages to get some basic understanding of design is a good thing. Looking at other people’s code to help to learn and understand how to use these tools can be good too.

But you won’t get far using templates. Many, many people can do that. If people wan’t cut and paste, they can use WordPress or Wix.

Just take some time. Learn these tools. Study some other people’s work. But to learn how to do it, not just to copy.


Rachel Andrew’s site Grid By Example.

Here are some resources you can use to get a more in-depth grasp on Grid and Flexbox to get you started.

Some others;

Rachel is the one to follow when it comes to Grid and Flexbox. Jen Simmons is the other one you should follow if you want to learn and know Grid and Flexbox.