Group box won't change color

where is the field to change the color of the Add New Member text in this group box? i changed Forecolor as you would think that would change the text but nothing happened, i’m using VS 2019

It should be the ForeColor on the GroupBox. Try changing it to a different color and then switch it back again.

Also, how are you setting the color? I thought the values should be separated by semicolons not commas when viewed in the Designer. For example, if I use the color picker to set a custom color I get this in the Designer 51; 153; 255 (the same happens if I use FromArgb).

Try looking in InitializeComponent() and see how and what it is set to.

i had to restart the whole laptop before it would change, must be a bug in VS 2019. but i have mine all 51,153,255