Group of coders looking for enthusiastic team mates

Hey guys,

We are a group of enthusiastic coders and learners who are currently working on our community website. We have coders with all kind of experience and different field of expertise from beginners to experts, from students to professionals and from Web-Designers to back-ends.
Our main moto is Learn on the Run. There are lots of projects on which we have decided to work in future, and its a great opportunity for everyone to work on a team and build something as a whole.
Me, along with my team have really learned a lot, while building our website, we thought of adding more members to our space as It’ll be fun learning with you guys as well.

If you are interested in joining us you can contact our Team Executive Anna Ryder or me, details are given below.

Team Executive: Anna Ryder
On Glitter IM: @Ryder-Rtyrolia
On Discord: Rtyrolia#4158

My Details
On Glitter IM: @a-pandey
On Discord: amrit#7983

Join directly through Discord

We hope that you’ll join us soon!
Welcome Aboard!!

We are a team of Web developers who studied at FreeCodeCamp and decided to form a team to work on projects and learn stuff together. Its an open community :slight_smile:

We always support each other, help on pair/team and personal projects, dont be aftaid to ask for help , if you’ll struggle - we’ll make the code work together . In future we will grow and go to freelance to get even more experience and etc. And possibly will create courses to teach other, or just teach others.

Currently we are working with HTML & CSS; JavaScript & jQuery. Some of our admins have knowledge of PHP & MySQL; and learning React with Node.js and Sass. So we will be able to help you on all of those.

We will be doing team projects and involving you guys for you to have experience on working with websites or UI / UX elements, apps, API 's and etc. If you’d be willing to collaborate on your personal projects, if you’d need any help with your projects or if you want to share ideas - be welcomed to!

Checkout our current Projects:

Thanks for posting it , Amrit :slight_smile:

And guys, be welcomed to check us out, and if you’re willing to learn, to work on front-end , back-end and fullstack projects - I would be more than happy to see you join us !

Just signed on to the Discord, looking forward to seeing what you guys have to offer! :slight_smile:

Awesome to hear that, Traem, hope to see you soon on the server :slight_smile: