Vivid Ciphers group looking for web developers and designers who's interested in building few projects

Hey guys!

We are a group of enthusiastic coders , who are learning on the go in a team together by doing projects. We are currently finishing off our web page -, profile pages to be done in laravel, so we have psd’s on github ready for it, should be a great opportunity to build skills using the framework
We have coders with all kind of experience and different field of expertise from beginners to experts, from students to professionals and from Web-Designers to back-ends.
Our main moto is Learn on the Go. There are lots of projects on which we have decided to work in future, and its a great opportunity for everyone to gain some knowledge, build a portfolio and even mention us as an experience (as we ended up having an organisation page on linkedin - by any means this will help in getting a job in future due to having worked in a team and ending up with a portfolio of stuff you built)
Me, along with my team have really learned a lot, while building our website, we thought of adding more developers to our team as it given us a great opportunity to learn what team work is, how to supervise and lead a team and how to code together despite different coding styles and etc.
Soon we will be looking into freelance, so that might be an option in nearest future as well.


Join directly through Discord

invite : Br2Abcg

On Discord: Rtyrolia#4158
On Discord: amrit#7983
On Discord : fizen#4271

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