Guidance for building a forum?

Hey everyone, I am starting to build a new project and want to essentially build a forum (like this one). I am thinking of using Next.js and think it might be the best option for multiple users to make multiple posts, etc.

I first came across Gatsby, quickly realizing it was a bad choice as it would get absolutely unruly with a tremendous amount of .md files. Then maybe attaching it to Firebase to store the data. But it truly seems like Next is going to be the best bet.

I think I’m just trying to avoid writing all the backend code I do not want to write. It would involve multiple tables with a DB, writing custom routes, and I want to expedite this process and broaden my skills. I am hoping to just understand Next, and possibly be able to build sites quicker and quicker.

Thanks for any guidance in advance.

you could also just use directly discourse like this forum does, it is an open source software:

(it is not exactly what you asked… but it is good to know there is an alternative)

This is awesome, (I’ll be careful when I say this) but it looks like it might be too easy and out of the gate? I’m looking for maybe a few roadblocks, etc. to hit.

I’m guessing it is a learning project?


I would not really suggest building a forum for “real” use. That can get really bad, really fast, if you are not careful. Remember it is taking input from people you can’t trust (and other issues, like spam, etc.). Sort of like a comment section on a site, that too can be handled by a third party.

Learning for me, yes! It is basically just a subreddit based around one subject. It’s a forum for creative writing :slight_smile:

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So you think in this case, Discourse (mentioned above) would be the best bet?

It is definitely a good choice. I’m not really an expert on forums, but Discourse is pretty popular and has some nice features.

I just wonder how customizable can you get. Perhaps it would be more than just a forum?

I was thinking about it as well, thanks for sharing your thoughts