Guidance pleeeeeease very desperate :-(

Hi All!
Hope you’re all well :blush:
I hope someone can help me! I am just starting to read through the absolute python beginners’ material, my goal was to be able to write code to perform the following task. The problem now, I’m not sure if its even possible to write for, I am sure by the time my great great grandchildren own the business I may have finally written the code, although the idea was to help the business in the short term haha!
Please help, I am looking for a code to be kicked off that performs the same process and the current human performing the process. The process is as follows:
Go to outlook, open the inbox (shared group email box) then navigate to the ribbon and select the send and receive and update all folders. Find the oldest email in inbox folder (shared group email box) Then search within email subject, body and attachments where applicable to find unique client references numbers which can be identified by the formatting of the type of client reference, eg (136654, EBBCA0256) etc, with as many configurable format types as practically possible for the code to execute without introducing a failure route unnecessarily. CIRCA 200 would be required at minimum. Where a match is found in the email body, subject and attachments where applicable search performed, to next copy that reference from where it has returned a result, then paste this within to a search field within the company’s internal processing application, inhouse built claims management workflow application and supported database and select enter. When the system opens the individual record (this opens as a pop out window) to then drag the email in its as Is received state without removing or corrupting attachments or modifying the email format or text in any way onto the individual record. A series of pop-up boxes appear where the selections are static for clarify 1st box always = YES second box always = NO. Finally select the “Save and close” button on the individual record, when the pop-up record has closed then to drag the email from the inbox into the processed folder a sub folder of the inbox.

Thank you so so much! We just cant afford in the current climate to pay someone to perform this across 400-500 emails daily, it becomes a full days task however is mandatory to continue down the process steps end to end.

First off, you gotta put those tasks into a list or something that is easier to read than a massive block of text.

Then are you sure you even need programming for this? I mean, I don’t know but maybe outlook includes some advanced search functions to look for these numbers?

If not… Well fully automating would require you to have the program communicate with Outlook via an API.
Although maybe you can download the emails as text? Then you can write a rather simple Python program to go through all the texts (the “os” module can “walk” through a folder and touch all files) and then have a text search (RegularExpressions - “re” module) to find specified texts and give you back some information of that email.

Having Python actively click items on the screen is possiblem but generally having a program simulate hardware inputs (mouse, keyboard) runs the risk of losing control of the computer - as you cannot get your own inputs inbetween the programs generated ones.

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