Guys i have a question

Can i get a link where i can post an image and see it on html cause i don’t know any website i tried on imgur but i still don’t know how if u mind to tell me how.

Right, if you want to have an image, there are two ways - put it on your server or host it somewhere else and have them serve it for you. And imgur is an option.

I have not used it before, but if I go to their site and click on an image, I get taken to their gallery, kind of a social media rendering of the image. If I right click on that image and select “Copy image address”, that will copy the url to that image into my clipboard, and I can paste that url into my code. You can actually do this with almost any image on the internet, but controlling the hosting is ideal so you know it is stable.

Does that help?

postimages is one them.
Upload the image you want and copy its direct link.

Yes thanks very much , i did it .

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