"has not yet agreed to our Academic Honesty Pledge"

I’ve just finished the last challenge for the Back End Web Development Certfication and the “Claim Your Certificate” step, but every time I try to access the certificate, it returns the message stated in the title.
Also, I used some front end templates for the Dynamic Wep App Projects. Do you guys think it’s possible I violated the said pledge? Or is there some other reason?

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Hello, we have been having problems with campers being unable to claim certificates, however, I haven’t seen this exact issue before.

Here is a similar one: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/16091

I’m going to tag @raisedadead and @QuincyLarson so they can check this out.

Edit: looks like another camper had the same problem: Front-End Certificate how long?


Yeah, AFAIK, there is no “automated check of academic honesty”. It sounds like it thinks you haven’t pressed the button where you agree to the academic honesty policy. I think it’s one of the steps in the “claim your certificate” section, the page that defines plagarism. I’d back up and try it again, and make sure it is pressed.

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yes, i have tried that a few times

I know this may not be the answer you want, but try clearing out the cache? Try it on a differnt browser? A different computer?

Sorry, those are the things that come to mind as potential quick fixes. I don’t have access to any of the code so I can’t give you a better answer.


no that’s fine :slight_smile: no luck on clearing cache and switching browsers/computers either

Sorry, that’s the extent of my suggestions. Maybe one of the tagged gurus can help.

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I can confirm - we do have scripts that check for academic dishonesty, but nothing that would prevent campers from being able to agree to the academic honesty pledge. This is a bug, and we’re actively working to fix it.

Thanks for your patience. If you want, you can comment on the open issue and we’ll know to follow up with you once we’ve fixed it.


@QuincyLarson @raisedadead I have the same problem. I used to be able to access my certificate but am getting this message instead “has not yet agreed to our Academic Honesty Pledge”. I accepted the pledge again but have the same issue

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Hi Tanya,

This should be fixed once we finish beta.freecodecamp.org and move it over to www.freecodecamp.org. Thanks for your patience.


Hi Quincy, I just finished the last challenge for the Front End Certificate. I completed all the steps to claim the certificate and received the message that it should be available on my portfolio page. However, when I try to access it, I see this text: “motyl2005 has not yet agreed to our Academic Honesty Pledge”. It seems to be the same problem that the others are facing.

I have just completed the Responsive Web Design Projects Certification, yet like others, am unable to view the actual certificate as I get the pezz18 has not yet agreed… message, yet in the settings, I have agreed and see the message “You have accepted our Academic Honesty Policy” under the actual policy.

Hopefully someone can look into this for me, as it seems this issue is still not fixed for all users…


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I’m having this issue to. I’m unable to view my Front End Certificate?

I get the error that I have not agree the academic honesty pledge, but when you scroll down the page it shows that the pledge has been accepted.


It seems to be a bug that is affecting a certain number of people.
I completed my Responsive Web Design Certification and was able to get my certificate Yesterday without problems.
Knowing that @QuincyLarson is aware of it, it will surely be corrected in the next deployment.
As for now, do focus on completing the remaining challenges so that you can get your certificate once the issue has been resolved.
Should the issue happen again after completing the next certification, keep on raising the issue but always keep moving to the next challenges so that you don’t fall behind while you have time.

hi, i had the same problem,
the solution is simple to go , to the setting page you will find the Academic Honesty Policy, you must activate it. it soo simple.