Having some trouble with styling on my Tribute Page Project here

My Tribute Page

I wanted to avoid using inline styling for this page, but I could not for the life of me get the h3/h4 font to change color in CSS. I tried making a new class and adding it, making an id and adding it, using !important…nada. (I had also tried to change the footer p color at the bottom, as I have a black background, but ended up just moving it onto the Jumbotron)

Any advice? Is it the version of Bootstrap I have running? I’ve been doing this for literally 5 days…

I added

color: red;

to your h3 {} CSS and got it to change to red.

Is that what you wanted?

It might have been that you were trying to change “font-color” or “text-color” instead - it always trips me up that text colour is just “color”.

You have a inline style which needs to be removed.
and add color: red; and it should work just fine.

take a look at this screenshot:

Yep, I think that must have been it! I feel like I must have tried that at some point, but maybe I forgot to remove the inline styling before adding to the css… (I actually only wanted some of the headers (in gray, not red–just easier to see if it’s working by trying red))


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The inline style was there because i couldn’t get it to change via css–I was using font-color instead of just color

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Good to know that you figured it out!