Help with my tribute page project

So i’m just beginning my first project and am stuck. Im trying to change my h1 and h4 to a white color in css but for some reason it remains this neutral grey color. Is it because bootstrap is interfering? Here is the link to view my coding. Thanks!

@dmking0728 It is because you are adding bootstrap in the HTML box. Proper way to add this is to click on SETTINGS at the top -> then CSS -> then QUICK ADD at the bottom of the modal window in codepen.

After quick adding the bootstrap, just remove that from HTML box and it will solve the issue.


To add to this, your HTML is parsed from top to bottom. So by adding bootstrap in your <body> tag (in Codepen, whatever you put in the HTML editor goes inside <body>) its css overwrites your custom css because your css is parsed first.

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problem solved. thanks for your help!

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