Head Tag? Body Tag? Where are they?

Head Tag? Body Tag? Where are they?


s you can see by the title

I am complaining that there are no

<head></head><body></body><html></html><!DOCTYPE html> tags.

I say this because to "learn" HTML you really need to explain the file structure to new people in this course. I also think you guys shouldn't have tags just sitting where they are at as they are just kind of... for the lack of another term


If the given user doesn't know CSS, and isn't going to be taught it later. It also seems irrelevant because now-a-days everything is done VIA a .css file and not inside the HTML document as it looks very unprofessional.
Sorry for this rant. I just wanted to say my opinions about this, as it seemed to be almost hidden away with no one to say anything about it.

Hi ffio,

Do you mean the fact you can’t see the document structure tags in Codepen? If you want to see the full code you can click on ‘export’ in the bottom right corner of the page. You can then open the file in an HTML editor to see the entire code. It also exports the CSS and JavaScript as separate files so you can see how they link together. For beginners it’s probably easier to work in the same window, but I agree that beginners should also be aware of the different tags they need to create a basic HTML page.

I agree that it would be good to have an option in Codepen to see all the HTML tags. Does anyone know if there’s a way to do this aside from exporting the code?


I think the <html> tag is pretty useful…