Help about learning

I am new to programming.
whenever I solve a problem I can not seem to remember how I solved the problem. Is it because I am new or something else??

I’m new also and this is a very common problem. A couple of tips:

• Take notes as you go to have a reference point.
• Watch free Code Camp videos on You Tube. They cover it all.
• Take the tests over at W3 schools after a section of curriculum.
• Try working on a project as you’re learning.

I wouldn’t recommend the last one necessarily but for me, so many things made a lot more sense!

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I would worry less about the memorisation and more about the understanding. If I ask you to write me a code that counts the number of letters in a sentence, you do not need to have the exact answer memorised. Instead, you should have an understanding of the core concepts needed to begin building that solution. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.

Thank you very much .

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cs50 school at Harvard, uploaded by Code Camp, great place to start, and “Java Script The Definitive guide " 7th edition” by O’ Reilly , also great resource, to get more understanding., of this language, how some of the languages differ, and interact.

Repetition is the mother of skill. If you keep solving problems, even if you don’t really remember exactly what you did, things in your mind are being built, and slowly a web of knowledge is being constructed. So even if you may not be able to do everything you think you should be able to do, you are growing, learning, and becoming a better programmer. It takes time.

Thanks , I will keep practicing. Thank you.

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