Help adding a background video to a capture page

Hello Everyone!

I have a capture page that I’ve been using a background image on, but I want to start using a background video from YouTube instead. I’m not good at HTML or CSS, but I’ve taken a look at the source code for my current capture page. Some things I’ve figured out to adjust on my own, but I’ve spent time trying to replicate the output of YouTube tutorials for the background video insert, to no avail.

I thought it would be simple, using a video container [or not, either way would work, I thought], adding style in CSS, etc. I’m doing something wrong lol.

Maybe this issue is too loaded for one reply; may take several. Can someone help a non-coder? :pleading_face:

Hello there @TheCode,

Here’s an idea:

  • You can use the <video> tag with the video you wanted, then turn of the controls and put it in a loop.
  • Then you can use CSS and use the z-index: -1; to make the video into the background. Then you can use filters to put some maskings and effects on the video.

Hope this helps with your issue!!

Remember to Stay Safe and Happy Coding!!:slight_smile:


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