How to embed video as background and have it fixed when scrolling down the page?

Hey guys,
I am practicing my css skills but I got stuck trying to replicate a template for wix,
i can’t figure out how to go about it. Here is the effect I want to achieve

[](https://template to replicate)

My questions are: Where can I host a video, how can I embed the video as background and how can I have the fixed style when I scroll down?

What I have so far:

Thank you very much.

I am happy with the navbar but I can’t figure out how to have a video as the background that only fills 100% of the viewport. The video I was

It’s quite basic to stick element to the screen and make it appear behind siblings. Parallax effect might be a bit more challenging.


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How did you grab the video link? That’s the effect I want. It looks amazing. Now i gotta read your code to understand it.

You can inspect elements from the template with dev tools - there is a video element with src attribute.

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