HELP! Codepen, Dropbox, and Windows 10 problems

So I am working on a website in Codepen. I need images from my computer, and am using Dropbox to host them. I have Windows 10, and everything I am uploading from Dropbox appears to show up on my computer, but I have found that ANYTHING uploaded from Dropbox does not show up on a Windows 7 Dell. Windows 7 is the only other computer I can test this problem on, so please let me know if it works for you and whatever computer you have. Here is the link to my pen: If you don’t get a logo in the middle, and a background, there’s a problem.

This website is potentially going to become an actual website, and I need to make sure people can access/see everything on it, no matter what computer they have. I don’t know if this a Codepen problem, not receiving Dropbox images, or if it is Dropbox problem. I have another issue as well that may be a Dropbox problem. 'Will link to here:

Is there a way to solve this? I am at a standstill until I can figure this out.

Thanks for any advice and tips, even just telling me if it works on your computer or not.

Seems that Dropbox is blocking them. Check the sharing permissions on the files.

I think it’s helpful to consider CodePen nothing more than an educational tool. You can copy the code out of it, but I wouldn’t use this as an “actual” website. If you want free hosting for your portfolio, check out GitHub Pages, which will also take care of your images.

So I’m assuming the images do not show up on your computer…I changed the sharing permissions in my files, under properties, but still does not show on Windows 7. I don’t see any sharing permissions in Dropbox, should I?

A similar problem was just answered here:

Thank you for the link…I have figured it out, you can’t go through Dropbox online, you have to go through the Dropbox link in your own, personal files, and copy the Dropbox link from there. And then you have to change the last part of the link. I think next time I’ll try another hosting website.

Thank you for your information, I solved the problem. I am taking the Codepen website and imputing it into GitHub, but you can code directly into GitHub Pages, for a website? And when you say they take care of images, does that mean you can upload directly from your computer, or they just have a way of getting a url for pictures?