Help extracting an array of elements

I am an xml dummy. I’m writing some stuff for tasker to grab information from a home alarm system so that I can display it on my phone using Tasker.

This is a snippet of xml that gets returned to a call from which I can retrieve some information about a variable

<var type="1" id="1">
    <ts>20210402 19:49:31</ts>


and here is the java in Tasker that parses it

parser = new DOMParser();
 var xmlDoc = parser.parseFromString(global('HTTPD'),"text/xml"); 
var varHeader = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("var")[0];
 setGlobal("varLastType",varHeader.getAttribute("type")); setGlobal("varLastID",varHeader.getAttribute("id")); setGlobal("varLastSet",xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("ts")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue); setGlobal("varLastVal",xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("val")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue); setGlobal("varLastInit",xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("init")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue);

after it runs I have global variables in Tasker - varLastVal, varLastInit, etc.

I more or less understand that.

Now I have another chunk of xml that I’d like to parse but don’t know how.

    <ae type="1" area="1" val="0"/>
    <ae type="3" area="1" val="0"/>
    <ae type="2" area="1" val="1"/>
    <ae type="1" area="2" val="0"/>
    <ae type="2" area="5" val="4"/>
    <ze type="51" zone="1" val="0"/>
    <ze type="52" zone="1" val="3"/>
    <ze type="53" zone="1" uom="dV" val="0"/>
    <ze type="56" zone="1" val="-60"/>
    <ze type="51" zone="2" val="0"/>
    <ze type="52" zone="2" val="3"/>
    <ze type="53" zone="2" uom="dV" val="0"/>
    <ze type="56" zone="2" val="-60"/>

I’d like to do the same thing that the first code does - set up global variables - but in an array of them - so that when it was done I would have an array of aetype[n], aearea[n] and aeval[n], and the same for zetype, zezone, zeuom and zeval.

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and here is the java in Tasker that parses it

Wait, is this Java or JavaScript?

Sorry - took me a bit to find this thread - it dropped off the Javascript forum list.

It’s javascript. Tasker is a pseudo programming language for android phones. It lets you run 'javascriptlet’s within it


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