Help! I want to become a developer

Hi I’m mohit, I am 16 yr old and I want to become a developer at google, IBM, microsoft. Can u pls tell me where do i start from and which computer language do i need to learn. Thank u.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.– Walt Disney

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you need to start learning one programming language, which one is not really that important, just consider what you could be more interested in doing as first thing

if you are interested in web development you could start with the freecodecamp curriculum at (html/css are not a programming language but are necessary for web dev)

if you prefer to start from something more general, CS50: Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard University can be a good start

they are both courses that give you some starting knowledge and then requires that you dirt your hands doing projects on your own

as you are stil so young, consider also a college/university career geared toward computer science/software development - it will make it easier to enter the field above all if you are interested in IBM, Microsoft and Google


Hi ieahleen,

I’m also new to this, but I’m 28 and currently working in marketing management. That said, I’m limited in time and want to be very selective in my studies. I have basic skills in HTML and CSS and just finished a 2-hour intro to CS and programming video from freeCodeCamp’s YouTube, which was helpful but limited. I’m considering CS50 but am wary of undertaking the certs on freeCodeCamp without additional preparatory research. Do you have any recommendations for resources on learning about the broad applications in coding/programming and the respective languages so that I can better establish my goals, and subsequently, a more calculated route to success?

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

you need one programming language to start, it can be JavaScript or Python with freeCodeCamp or the CS50 course, or whatever (the freeCodeCamp youtube channel has courses on C++, Ruby, Go etc, you could try the Odin Project, or to get a general overview of things there are the weekly emails by Quincy, or the news articles, or any other source to get random info on technology, even wikipedia, divulgative youtube channels (I like Computerphile for example) etc - if you don’t know what to do being exposed to as much general info as you can will help narrow down your interests)

the most important skill of a developer is solving complex problems breaking them down to smaller steps, and that can be trained with any language as long as you do not stop as soon as you learn the basic syntax of a language and start find things a bit unconfortable (“To be a developer is to be paied to be frustrated”).
The second most important skill is google-fu, if you have sufficiently broken down a problem you can google how to do that step even in an unknown language, and you can put the things together.

The freeCodeCamp certs can be obtained by just doing the five certs at the end of each, if you can do those on your own you don’t need to do the challenges and could be a way to evaluate your progress.

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i feel like the trick is that there is not optimum route. I used to really wish learning about web dev was not drinking from a firehose, but it is. It’s a continual grind. Focus on building things. Example would be, build a website to host portfolio of work. then make tiny projects to put on that portfolio site. After HTML/CSS, the natural progression is to Javascript.