Help - Landing Page Help Required different passing on browser and codepen

Hello campers i am currently working on responsive web projects. I am having some trouble with sublime text test environment and the one on code-pen. Codepen is passing all my tests while sublime text one when run on opera,firefox and anyother browser is failing the media query test. This problem has persisted throughout all my projects and i seem not to be progressing, someone kindly help link to codepen and link openning on browsers file:///C:/Users/PC/Desktop/Intro%20to%20Javascript/Technical%20info%20page/html/index.html

Hi! It seems I may have had a similar problem with my RWD projects when I tested them locally. That is, every time I saved the projects as files on my hard drive and then ran them in my browser, some of the tests failed - as opposed to when the same project was on CodePen.

I don’t know what’s the reason behind it. However, when I uploaded the files online, the problem disappeared. So perhaps you can try putting your project live somewhere, like GitHub Pages or any other hosting you may have access to, and see if the problem’s still there.

Here’s a guide for setting up GitHub pages:

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Thank you let me try that out …