How do you run the required "tests"

Hello there,
In the Responsive Web Design Projects it states: “Once you’re done, submit the URL to your working project with all its tests passing”
I have completed the project, however I am unclear as to how or where to run the requested tests.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

The only thing wrong that I see is the Name at the very top of the page, when it is loaded through the local host on my computer it formats correctly, however in the pen it does not.


In Codepen, go to the javascript panel, if you click the cog icon to open “settings” , you can add “”.

Click the save and close button.

Now when you open your pen in full page view you will now have a “hamburger” menu in the top left corner. Click it to open. Select the project from the list. Click run tests.

If they all pass you should get a green button. If any tests fail the button will be red. Click the red button to get details of the failing tests. Repeat until you pass all the tests.

You can also run the tests in your local development environment by adding the script to your index.html file eg:




<script src=""></script>


Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you phatbhoy67 for your assistance.
I will try that.

Hi guys,
My name is Asma. I am a newbie here.
I still cant find where is the Run Test button or URL :frowning:

@as1588, welcome to the forums.
It’s not always a good idea appending to a topic that’s two years old but all the instructions you need are contained above.

Make sure you have your own account on codepen. If you forked the pen from the user stories the test script should be there.

If not, follow the instructions above. Is there a portion you don’t understand.

Also, when asking a question it’s best if you provide a link to your pen so people can see what you’ve done and help guide you.