Help me on this level 2 im only beginner pls

Whats my mistakes


Always, try to pair your tag - other than some exceptions. Let’s look at some examples:

<me> this opening tag
</me> this is closing tag

So, whenever you open a gat, you must close the same tag, that’s I’m talking about, now look at this:

<me>here is your text</me>

This is error-free.
Now look at this

<me>some text</me>
<you>some text</you>
<they>some text</they>

Got it? Now, try to find out your solution yourself

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Every HTML tag (well, every language) is a couple :smiley:


See? They have pair, div with div, h1 with h1.

The closing tag always use / first like this : </div>

But instead I see that some of your code use <h/2> which is wrong

On line 2, that h2 is reversed, remember that the closing tag use / ? It should be <h2></h2>

Sorry for bad english, I hope you understand :slight_smile:

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Thank u for help guys i got it the answer now.

Help me with this sir pls

Every H tag sure has h1 h2 h3 etc…
But I don’t think <p> has p1 p2 p3

Remember that tag always have a pair? (not at all, but keep that in mind)
Look at number 3, there’s a <p> that have a </p> yeah thats good, but the other <p> doesnt have pair. Thats your problem.

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