Help me please i am a newbie

Pls help me
What this? I am a newbie
Help me pls

I’m the new one. Tell me. You can write me the code.

we cant read screenshot. it is better to post the code. and please explain more what your issue is.

btw we will not write code for you. thank you

Vague questions get vague answers. Please ask a specific question. We like helping but we also need to know what the issue is.

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Hi @Huy25 !

Welcome to the forum!

It would help us out if you can provide the following information.

What language are you working with?
What type of project are your building?
What does the error message say?
What does your code look like?

In the screenshot, it looks like Python.
Maybe some sort of bot.

When I zoom in a lot, the error message mentions an indentation error.
But it is really hard to read.

If you are doing crazy things with your indentation, then Python will not like it and throw up an error.
I would check on that first.

Actually I tried to try coding my bot, but it crashed and I don’t know what to do and I have referenced some more videos on Youtube but it’s not as I wanted. I asked a few people but they were quite busy. Please help me
It just say
Error: Unexpected unident

Please post your actual code or a link to your repl. It seems like you have uneven or incorrect indentation, but it’s hard to say where from the picture.

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Oh i done
Thanks for help

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