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How to responsively resize an image ?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi @john3_16 !

Welcome to the forum!

A few issues

You need to use the correct id name for the image element.
This is incorrect.

<img id = "img" 

Within the "img-div" element, I should see an <img> element with a corresponding id="image".

Then you will need to change the id name in your css here

#img {
  width: 600px;
  magin: 0 auto;

Once you fix that then you need to fix the spelling error here magin:

Then you need to open up the test suite and read the full error message
Try using the “max-width” style property : expected ‘none’ to not equal ‘none’

Once you fix that open up the suite to read the new error message.
It will tell you how to fix it.

Once you fix that last error then all the tests should pass.

Hope that helps!

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sorry for the late reply, oh yea I forgot about the id tag :sweat_smile:
thank you so much for pointing that outt :grin:

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