Help! Moving codepen portfolio to my own domain and hosting. I would also like to add a blog section

How do I do this?
I feel overwhelmed.
Please share step by step instructions or tutorials.

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Are you familiar with Github Pages?

I use that, plus a namecheap .me personal domain to host my Portfolio and blog.

It was time consuming to transfer all my projects over to GitHub pages and to set the blog up, but it wasn’t hard. There’s plenty of documentation available.

For the blog I use Hubpress, which does all the heavy lifting. Even though it’s hosted on GitHub, after the initial set up you don’t use GitHub to write to it; it handles everything through an easy UI.

Have a look at the relevant documentation for those services. If it looks like it’ll serve your purposes, but you still need help, let me know :slight_smile:

You may find this helpful, too: