Help needed in Technical Documentation

I have just finished my technical documentation page but there is still an error.
Please help me fix it.

if you click on the number of passed tests it will show the breakdown of passed and failed. do you have issues interpreting the failed tests?

yes I
did everything but the test did not pass.

  1. Each element with the class of “main-section” should also have an id comprised of the innerText contained within it, with underscores in place of spaces. The id may include special characters if there are special characters in the respective innerText. (e.g. The that contains the header, “JavaScript & Java”, should have a corresponding id=“JavaScript_&_Java”).
    Each 'main-section' should have an id attribute

check again, they don’t have all an id

can you help me review my project and tell me how i did

pass your code in an html validator like , you have syntax errors

for feedback you can open a thread in #project-feedback

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