Help needed on how to install Python & dependencies for Algorithmic Trading with Python course

Hi, just started the Algorithmic Trading with Python course & finished the introduction section. At time of 17.20 it jumps into the ‘building an equal weight S&P 500 index fund’ project, but there are no details about how to install python or any of the dependencies needed for the course. It does say to go back to the introduction section, but there are no details about installing python in there either. Any suggestions on where to get those details please?

yeah that’s strange. they skipped the whole second part of the course.

Maybe that’s for your benefit, because when I checked issues in the courses’ Github repo, some users complained about deprecated elements like APIs that don’t seem to work anymore (as to be expected with a course that old).

Here’s one with the same topic that’s more up to date:

There are even viewers in the comment section that came from the fCC version having a better experience with this course.

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