Help! No "Run" or tests button on the page


My son is doing the first project in HTML, the Tribute Page. I’m a few projects in front of him. He’s using Chrome but still has no “Run” button available on the bar. It’s next to the heart icon on mine. He’s got no menu for tests either (the green horizontal bars). I’ve seen instances of the run or tests buttons not working, but why this complete absence?

Can someone tell me why this would be the case?

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in CodePen the Run button depends on if the pen has the setting for auto-updating preview turned on or off

if the pen was created from the template and the tests are not visible, a browser extension may be hiding it

Thank you so omuch, ilenia! TGhe auto-updating is on…should it be off? “Format on save” is off, however.

Do you mind explaining what you mean when you say that a browser extension may be hiding it? I’m so sorry to be so ignorant

auto updating means that the preview is updated automatically at changes of the code
if it’s off you need to use the Run button to make the preview update
up to you how you prefer to have it

that’s about if the code is formatted automatically or not, it is not related to the Run button

there are certain browser extensions, like AdBlockers, that can hide the test menu, try deactivating the browser extension to see if it appears again

Thank you so much for your speedy reply!

The thing I’m also missing is the three green bars that allow you to test your code. I noticed both it and the Run button were missing and assume they were related. Perhaps not! Any idea why I wouldn’t see the green bars that you click on to get the test options up?

the test suite may be hidden by the browser extension such as ad blockers, try without ad blockers

I love how you think…but the thing is that I can see the test suite when I’m on other projects on this same computer, so I can’t see how ad blockers would be the reason (though a nice idea of yours!).

then it may be that that was created as a new pen and not from the template with the test suite, in that case you will have to manually add the test suite to the pen

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