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Could someone explain to me how to interpret the errors that occur in the browser development console and how to find the place the error occurs. Often I have no error in the application, but when I run tests on fcc, this console shows errors. But I ignore how to link them to my code.

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What do you mean by “how to interpret the errors”? Is there a particular error message that you’re having trouble with?

Some error messages (like language syntax errors) will have the location where the error occurred as a pair of numbers like 23:7. In this case, it would mean that the error occurred at line 23 in position 7. That doesn’t mean that your actual mistake is in that position, but trying to process that symbol is what triggered the error. When you see an error in the console, you will often also see a “stack trace” that tells you what the sequence of function calls was before the error occurred.

In the console of vscode or replit or any other ide I indeed see the line numbers that give the error clearly, but sometime there is no error in that console, but only in the developers console of the browser. And then I don’t see clearly where the error points to. It then often does not point to any of the files that I have worked in and I can’t clearly see where it actually points to. And sometimes it refers to events.js.

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