Help on Intermediate Algorithm Scripting: Arguments Optional

Hi, guys.
I’m having a problem with my code and it’s failing in the last test.
Would be happy if you help me out.

Great day.

function addTogether(){
	if(arguments.length==2 && (typeof arguments[0]=='number' && typeof arguments[1]=='number'))
			return arguments[0]+arguments[1]
	else if(arguments.length==1 && typeof arguments[0]=='number')
		return value=>value+arguments[0]
		return undefined



Here’s the link.

Yeah, it’s failing because in the function you’ve returned (the return value => value+arguments[0] bit) you aren’t error-checking what might get passed to THAT function for numeric value.

Expand your arrow function there just a little:

return (value) => {
  if (/* check that value is valid here */){
    // What do you think this should be for a valid value?
  else {
    // And what do you return for a non-numeric value?

Or, if you like the single-line syntax (in this case, makes my brain itch):

return (value) => typeof(value)=='number' ? value + arguments[0] : undefined;

My goodness, that’s ugly. To expand that out completely, so that it may make a little more sense:

// I'll define a function as a variable, so I can simply toss it around by name!
let myReturnFunc = function(value){
  if (typeof value == 'number'){
    return value + arguments[0];
  } else {
    return undefined;

// Now, in the event that we only got a single value in the first parens, we are going to 
//   return that function we just made.
return myReturnFunc;

I didn’t understand it properly.
Could you elaborate it for me, please?

You need to check if value is a number or no (if not, return undefined)