Help on Technical Documentation page

hello FCC fellow campers i am working on technical documentation project but i am stuck on User story#4 and User story#13.

User story#4 i replaced all spaces with underscores but still i am getting an error when i do Run test.
User story#13 all Navigation links are not working

your help will be highly appreciated.

Hey, I just checked your code and noticed that you have white space on 2 of the first sections, after the under score,
section class="main-section"id=“Basic_ HTML_and_HTML5
section class="main-section"id=“Basic_ CSS

Also the id name on the main-doc section for the id APPLIED VISUAL DESIGN need to match the header tag the error is right there.

section class=“main-section” id=“Applied_Design
header>Applied Visual Design</header

fix those and you will be fine. good look.

Also all your links should point to the ID’s for the section and you have typed header tag title, copy and paste the id’s (the ones with the under score as Basic_CSS ) to the href attribute of the links and you should be good too,

Hope this helps.

YUP you’ve got typos

@leonelamatos i did it all but still there is error on user story #13

You still having a type the ID and the title have to match. visual on the ID is not capitalized while on the title it is.


the checker is telling you where the error is.

@leonelamatos i really appreciate for your help and keep the great attitude to help others,here is the final link

Looks really good.
I am also in the learning process, but got some experience while working on my projects, if I see someone struggle with things I already know, I like to help.

story #4 is really hard for me: codepen

    1. Each <section> element with the class of “main-section” should also have an id that corresponds with the text of each <header> contained within it. Any spaces should be replaced with underscores (e.g. The <section> that contains the header “Javascript and Java” should have a corresponding id=“Javascript_and_Java”).

Some "main-section" elements are missing the following ids (don't forget to replace spaces with underscores!) : GOBAL_VARIABLES : expected 1 to equal 0

still scratching my head for 2 days now.