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I dont really understand what it wants me to do?

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Comments in HTML starts with <!-- , and ends with a -->

You must delete all comments tags.

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As @laurentiutibea says, delete the comment tags, but leave the text that’s inside of them!

Im so so sorry, but i still dont understand what exactly I’m supposed to delete? Can you give me an example? English isn’t my first language :,)

Sure – in the following HTML tag:

<h1><!-- This is the title of my page --></h1>

There is a comment. To “uncomment” the text, we would simply remove the <!-- and --> from within that <h1>.

<h1>This is the title of my page</h1>

Be careful, there are also spaces (one after the first comment tag, and one just before the second). Those need to be removed too.

But wasn’t the point of the exersize to comment everything?

nope – take a look at the last sentence before the testing button:

UNCOMMENT your h1, h2 and p elments.

it worked! tysm for your help, I’m a bit of a headass sometimes

Glad to help, and best of luck going forward!