Html uncomment issues

guys, ı can not understand how I need to use html uncomment. Can somebody help please ?

Uhm… what’s your problem exactly? :upside_down_face:
<!-- <p>This is a commented HTML code</p> -->
<p>This is an uncommented HTML code</p>

You can use "<!--" and "-->" to comment something in HTML, and delete these tags to uncomment.

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how can ı delete the tags. Lets say this, the example says me to use html uncomment and wants me to delete h1,h2 and p tags. How I m gonna do it? I mean, Will I write thing which belongs into these tags openly or just write them shortly.can you explain to me please?

You can delete the tags the way I showed you.
HTML comment: <!-- the opening tag, and --> the closing tag. What is inside these tags will be commented out. So if you want to uncomment something, just simply delete the opening and closing comment tags. Thats all :slight_smile: