Help on website project

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m learning how to code since some time now, and I am really impressed by the community and all help it can bring. To be honest, this post is like a last resort to a issue I have. I really don’t know if some of you will want or be able to help me.

I am volunteer in a Macedonian NGO and I am currently working on a documentary project, a series of portraits of Macedonian citizens. We would like to broadcast it on a website developed for the project. I found partnership with two young learner programmers. As I said, I am learning myself and I am still a beginner, I don’t know much about complex website.

Finally two persons worked on it, one on the front-end and one on the back-end. Unfortunately one of the two left without giving news, and the other one had to connect both front-end and back-end, but he didn’t succeed.
Since, we worked together on a wordpress website instead (for the same purpose) but it isn’t conclusive. I have also think of starting again the website from the beginning with my knowledge but it seems like a big mountain to climb.

Maybe some of you would accept and be able to help us on connecting both parts? Just to take a look maybe?
Here is the Github link of what we have:

You will see it’s been five months since no one change anything, but the one who tried to connect front-end and back-end worked on other files, and as I said we have been working on other non conclusive solutions since :confused:

I sincerely thank you and hope to not bother :slight_smile:

Is there any project documentation - what are the goals - what are the major features - what are the user stories?

we can continue the discussion by PM if you prefer


I would be interested in working on the frontend of this project if anyone wants to make like a slack group or similar to discuss?

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Hi! :slight_smile: and thank you!
Yes I have all documentation about it, but I’m not sure it’s in the right “form”.
Indeed would it be possible to create a working group together to exchange about it?
I forked the repository
@ppc and @Mortuie do you know how can I explain more about project documentation in kind of group discussion?

Love to help but don’t have any PHP Just a bit of JavaScript
i have pulled off github any way my first pull request and good look on your project

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My programmer club has regular online meetings few times a week - you can sign up for the next session by following the link on my profile - if the time is inconvenient we can work out a schedule by PM


I think all help is good to take of course :slight_smile:
But I am sorry, english is not my native language and I am not sure I understand right your last sentence

Thank you!
Is there any drive or any folder of this king where I can put some documentation for you to learn about the project? Or that I can create if it’s ok for you? (by google drive)
@Mortuie and @paulstandley would you like to join on one of these meetings?

Ideally a top-level docs directory in the github repo is great - google drive is fine otherwise

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Ok I will do this so!
On this link so

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I’d be happy to start like a slack channel where we can communicate if you want to?

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Yes it would be perfect thank you!

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@SFromentarius pm your email address and I will get you invited after I have my dinner!

@SFromentarius Link to sign up:

I guess anyone who wants to help on this project, please join in and discuss.

That’s perfect thank you! I just joined.
Here it’s utc+2, I will share you documentations about the project tomorrow.
Thanks again to all :slight_smile: