Help Please! stuck on JS Doc Project

Hey guys ,

I’m stuck on the Media Query no.16 on the JS Doc Page test. Tried everything I could, still stuck. And I don’t understand what the feedback in red is trying to say.
please could anybody have a look? Thank you!!

HI @lilycode888 !

I am not seeing any errors on my end.
The tests are passing for me.

So maybe you fixed the issue.

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Hi @jwilkins.oboe !
Thank you for reviewing my codes! I refreshed the page and checked the codes again. still not passing…

The error message says to test on a larger window like a laptop or desktop.

I am testing the full window width of a laptop and it passes.
The only time it fails for me is if I shrink the browser window.

Full window:

Smaller window:

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Thank you soooo much! All solved! I can finally have a sip of my tea in peace now haha

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