User story #14 for technical documentation project

Pls my user story #14 is not still working. I am using Android phone,but I tried other people’s project on my phone it is showing 15/16 but I think in their devices it showed 16/16 pls someone should help me out

does the error message says something like

Please run this test in a larger window (before any media queries) : expected 294 to be above 850

because if it’s that, that’s the reason it is failing - you would need to use a larger screen for it to work

Yes that is what it is showing

Can u help me run it in a larger window cos I don’t have a laptop

satisfying the request, the test passes

Do you mean it is correct, so can I move ahead but it is still showing 15/16 on my phone

Yes, that test is supposed to fail on narrow screen sizes (below 868px).

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Thanks very much. Your reply just helped me

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