Help Please with Twitch API

Hi, It seems that the Twitch API has changed a lot since the zipline was first created and since updated instructions were later written for it.

May I please have some help and guidance to know how to complete the project or complete an alternate project?

—The Problem I’m Encountering—
FCC’s recommended solution (freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: How to Use the TwitchTV API) is to use JSONP, however, the documentation for the “new API” (the one after v.5) says "Requests -
API endpoint support for JSONP has been removed.” The FCC project instructions link to the old v.5 API ( The v.5 API will soon be discontinued, "Twitch API v5 is deprecated and will be removed on 12/31/18. The new Twitch API is live and we are actively adding new functionality to it.”

Also, there is a two-factor authentication required for the new API that involves both a key and a secret. Neither of these are supposed to be shared publicly, but they’re required to work with the API. Since we’re supposed to post our code to CodePen, this presents a problem.

The page on the FCC workaround “Free Code Camp Twitch API Pass-through” links to the deprecated API repo, and references the deprecated API link containing “kraken.”

The new API documentation does have instructions for Authentication, however, the JavaScript instructions show a dependency of Node and Express. I checked with my web host that I use to store the files for projects on CodePen, and my host does not support Node. So I’m not sure how I can realistically complete this project and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

FCC’s example project on CodePen also does not seem to be working. Has this assignment been discontinued? I’m sorry I had to remove the links to all the documentation in this message as the forum will only allow me to post 2 links as a new user.

—Request for Help—
May I please have some guidance as to how FCC would like me to complete the assignment, or an alternate project added to my Map that I can complete if this one has been deprecated? I’m eager to complete the curriculum, and would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you!


Here is the API link:

"" + streamName+ "?callback=?"

Hope you are looking for this.

I’m using directly twitch api and no proxy. you just need an app key that is free to obtain. here my pen twitch app to see how i call the api