Help! product landing page

Dear All,Morning
I felt :frowning:
I did and tick each learning steps but when I started project pieces can not fix full-structure why? didn’t understand what i did? anyway

even I couldn’t manage to put logo and picture and header in my project

Could you check please;


could you check please;


You have in codepen only survey form, so we cant check where is your problem.
Give me link to your project.

many thanks for your reply


If you look into dev console you will see that you get a 404 error that means the link you have provided in the src attribute points to a non existing file.

src attribute needs a full path/filename/extension to the raw image file.

HI @sugunum

image src path is not actually loading the image. I think you are using google album and that is secure. Just use free website like pixabay and add the correct src path like this

~img src=“”~


Sorry since yesterday night I didn’t go further one step…

when I put from FCC relaxing cat image’s only OK :blush: others didn’t work.

@sorinr; I agree with you before writing this reply I watched some youtube video about how to put image my html but still no clue?
When I checked image file full path ;

finder> file> get info> where:/Users/User1/Downloads

@shambhukbhakta; I copied and paste your recommendation but still no image

my final one with relaxing cat image :slight_smile:

but no other image !


do you see the extension .jpg in your ? your src attribute should point to a full image path be it jpg, png, gif or whatever

Hi@sorinr, First one from googlephoto I cannot see .jpg but the others have …jpg ( interesting relaxing cat hasnot .jpg extension but it is working)

I did it! many many thnks all your reply