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Eng. Ahmed Ajour

The best engineer in the world

Ahmad Ajour, learn engineering in the Islamic University

Hers Ahmad History:

  • 1995This is Ahmad birthday
  • 1999 -Ahmad Enter kindergarten
  • 2001 -Ahmad enter the school
  • 2005 -Ahmad travel in egypt
  • 2010 -Ahmad breacks his teeth
  • 2011 -Ahmad get a computer
  • 2013 -Ahmed entered high school
  • 2014 -Ahmad entered into islamic university and he specialty computer engineer
  • 2017 -Ahmad Register in Gaza Sky Geeks and he refused to register Yahya
  • 2018 -Ahmed graduated from university God willing
        <p>"انك تعيش التجربة غير انك تسمع عنها"</p>
        <footer><cite>Ahmad Ajour</cite></footer>

<h3>If you have time, you should read more about Ahmad Ajour<a href="https://www.facebook.com/ahmed.ajourr/about?lst=100001487296493%3A1404715154%3A1526237955&section=contact-info" target="_blank">facebook</a>.</h3>


coded by Yehya Ajour.


It’s a simple typo. In your img element, you have typed ‘scr’ instead of ‘src’ for the image url attribute.


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