"Help" Time Calculator Issue with test_period_change_at_twelve

The test module is giving me 3 failures related to the same.
It states that the hour is not changing from ‘12’ → ‘0’.
For example, 1 of them throws this:
AssertionError: ‘0:04 AM, Friday (2 days later)’ != ‘12:04 AM, Friday (2 days later)’

  • 0:04 AM, Friday (2 days later)
    ? ^
  • 12:04 AM, Friday (2 days later)
    ? ^^
    : Expected calling “add_time()” with “11:59 PM”, “24:05”, “Wednesday” to return “12:04 AM, Friday (2 days later)”

BUT the big issues is that in my code the output is the right one, is not outputting “12” in hours, as the test module says; it is actually outputting what it is supposed to be.
My code’s output is : 0:04 AM, Friday (2 days later)

I am totally lost, I have been trying for hours but do not know what else to do and really want to move on the other projects.
It’d be amazing ANY help, comment, insight you can give me.

This is the link to my replit:

THANK YOU :slight_smile:

The test output suggests that 12:04 AM, Friday (2 days later) is what is expected to be returned by function in this case.

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haha YES I realized after posting this. It’s crazy how sometimes you are so obsessed with the problem that you don’t see the silliest mistakes

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