Help with cs50 pset 1

Hello Jessy, please check this out for me for correction…The reason i send this was to find out why using “make hello” in the terminal window isn’t displaying the output “hello world” . Thank you.

Again, does the cs50 ide has an in-built compiler? Am i suppose to download a compiler into the online cs50 ide programme?

i stumbled on help50. This was my output on the question i asked earlier.

wow!!! i finally got it.

I am glad you were able to figure it out.

In the future, you should check out the cs50 reddit or discord.
It is full of students currently going through the class and it is a good place to ask questions. It helped me out a lot when I went through it a year ago.

Sidenote: I moved your posts to a new topic since it didn’t relate to the other issue you were having with the FCC logo.

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