New Guy here to FFC!

Hey guys, new guy to Free Code Camp here!

Really enjoying it so far and have done 8 days of an hour on the curriculum since last Tuesday! Aiming for 100 consecutive days as my challenge but tough with a new baby!

Getting through the HTML and CSS challenges fairly easily and a bit worried about how much I am retaining and really understanding but hoping it will sink in even more when I have to go back to review or research how to do things for the projects at the end! I have had to do this a few times already, some things are a bit tricky to get my head around.

Im also aiming to get AWS certified this year as well thanks to FCC’s post I found on it so trying to figure out how and when to study for those certs too.

Anyway, time to practice, I look forward to catching up with you all.


I’m also new here but loving the content! how you finding it? are you learning from scratch or do you have a background in tech?

@Badger Welcome to FCC!

Im really enjoying it so far, I like the fact I can see Im ticking off the list haha
No real background in tech, have messed about a bit with Python and HTML/CSS in the past but no skill with them at all!

@shimphillip Thank you!

I’m pretty much the same apart from I’ve never really touched physon. Didn’t even know half this stuff exisited! I do like the list ticking, makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere haha

How far have you got? I can pretty much only print hello world in Python lol
Just finished all the HTML and CSS sections and onto the projects now!

This is where I find out I have retained nothing lol

Edit - I need to work on my patience as well, got really frustrated on the final challenge of CSS grid!