Just passed my first 100 challenges!

Hey there, somewhat new to FCC!

I created my account in January and just started coding a few nights ago. The curriculum was honestly intimidating at first, but once you make some progress it gets better! I’ve made sure to take my time reading each challenge and have made nice progress so far!

I’ve cleared the Basic HTML and Basic CSS sections, and am now almost finished with Applied Visual Design. Hoping to finish the Responsive Web Design certification within the next week!

My summer goal is to become adequate in coding HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I currently study Web Design at UCF and would like to find employment as a junior front end dev by August. I know there is a lot of road ahead, but it seems possible with summer break on my side.

Thanks for reading and happy to be here!

Don’t want to curb your enthusiasm, but the projects at the end of the curriculum will take time, and if you really clear them so fast you didn’t put enough effort in them - it will be the trial to see how much you learnt, and the chance to learn a lot more (return to previous challenges, google things, ask for help, if you get stuck)

Congratulations on the 100 challenges milestone!


Haha I figure that would be the case. Read about that in a few other posts as well

But definitely happy to get over that intimidation/frustration part of starting this journey. Initially, the first few challenges had me like :sweat_smile:

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