Challenge for myself

Ok, so I am a beginner in this field and I am 16 yrs old.

I have already learned the basics of HTML5, CSS3, javascript, bootstrap, jquery, core java, MySQL, web development using Java.

And I am currently learning:
Advanced topics in CSS like variables, animations, grid, flexbox, etc
Getting a stronger ground on javascript, and core java
I am learning a spring framework and hibernate.

And this is when I discovered FCC, and I was happy as hell. Because of the excitement, I completed the HTML and CSS basics, and a good chunk of Applied Visual design. Then I did a few javascript challenges.

So I thought: Hey let me get myself certificates in FCC, as this will get me the practice I require.

So I want to give myself a challenge as, I am young, I have got myself a heck lot of free time, so…
I am going to complete ALL of the certifications if FCC, yes I am going to do it by the end of this year (I go to school, so I need more time than normal).

And I want YOU guys to help me hold myself accountable.

Please let me know your thoughts down below, thank you.

My first FCC Project:

Please give me your feedback and I will fix any problems you find, or add anything I like.

FCC: Responsive Web Design Certificate


Sounds Like a cool goal! I am currently working on front end library certification - Hmu if u wanna do any pair code projects using - bootstrap jquery sass react etc. Good luck getting those certificates by the end of year homes!

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Thank you, and I would love to work with you

Nice! I’ll reach out sometime soon (when im not studying for my calc II exam ahhhh), and we can figure out something cool. Take care man.

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This is a good way to keep yourself accountable. Commitment is enhanced when you share your goals with others – which you’ve already done. Now maybe update this thread with each new certificate earned, or whenever to let us know how you’re doing on your journey. :smile:

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Although I understand the sentiment of your post, ultimately only you can hold yourself accountable for your progress. FCC Forums can offer peer support for sure, but it can’t hold your hand and make you code at the end of the day.

You’ve taken on a big challenge there, for which there is no actual reward. Don’t give yourself a challenge that you can’t actually achieve. Better to set realistic programming goals that establish you as a competent developer to begin with. I would defy even borderline geniuses to learn all of HTML5, JS, Java and SQL in a year.

Only you know how good you are and your potential, but don’t set the sort of goals that will deflate you if you don’t achieve them. That’s setting you up for future disappointment and frustration. You’re very young and as such, time is on your side, so better to use the time wisely rather than rush, make mistakes and have to start over.

Good luck.

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The estimated time for each certificate is 300 hours, that means 32 hours each week between now and December

It is a lot of time - and school is already a full time job.

You can do it, but can you still do everything else you need to do?
If you know already things you may need less times for some things, but don’t give up everything else for this.

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My first FCC Project:

Please give me your feedback and I will fix any problems you find, or add anything I like.

You may also want to try the #project-feedback section