Just completed a week of FCC every day!

I have been working through FCC curriculum for quite a while now (like 2 years), but I typically complete challenges for a couple of days in a row and then stop for a while. I eventually completed the responsive web design certification, and now I am working on the JS Algorithms and Data Structures certification.

I have started this and re-started the JS section multiple times because I work through the beginning and then end up not working on it for a few weeks, and by the time I come back to it I’ve forgotten some basic syntax, and have to go through the beginning again to refresh.

This time I have dedicated myself to doing something every day until I’ve completed this certification and so far I’ve got 7 days in a row!!

I wanted to share my small success and hopefully gain some extra accountability from the FCC community!

-Here’s to learning consistency!


Good job. Keep pushing yourself and you’ll finish. I’m 30 days in and am on the Frontend cert but before that I spent 3 months combing through the excellent but sometimes overwhelming amount of material on MDN. I find taking notes on syntax helpful as sometimes documentation takes the form of a book or isn’t put in a way that I can quickly reference and understand. This prevents me from having to go back to re-read the material or re-take the course. I just review my cheatsheet regulary and apply the concepts in it to a project until I understand them.


The cheat sheet is a great idea, I’m going to definitely steal that one!

Awesome to hear that! Keep coding :muscle: :brain:

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