I got my JS certificate!

Hey everyone! I earned my certificate yesterday, and I am stoked!!

The FCC curriculum taught me a TON. My javascript journey has just begun, and I feel as though completing this cert gave me solid ground to work my way into more complicated concepts.

The section I had the most trouble with was functional programming. Learning the mechanics of array filter, map, and reduce was really challenging, and it forced me to think in a way I was completely unfamiliar with. I had to go through this section twice to really grasp it.

Outside of the main curriculum, I’ve felt empowered to push my understanding through various projects. I put together a REST API using node, express, and mongodb using a Youtube tutorial, and understood a decent amount of what was going on!

Overall, the struggle was well worth it. Some days I felt like a genius, other days I could barely remember how to create variables. Being consistent was what ultimately helped me finish; I’d dedicate at least one hour to coding every morning M-F.

I’m glad I found out about this site, and look forward to expanding my knowledge further. Cheers everyone, and happy coding!



Hi @liam.stojanovic !


Have fun with front end!

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Congratulations for your achievement, keep going in the process.

I think is something normal to many(including me), so don’t worry.

That is the key, do not stop, keep going even with small steps.
Best of wishes


Heya @liam.stojanovic!
Congratulationsssss!!! Keep it going, you’ll progress better and further! Sorry for the late wishes, just checked the forum. Anyhow, best wishes and congrats again!

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