I got my JS certificate!

Hey everyone! I earned my certificate yesterday, and I am stoked!!

The FCC curriculum taught me a TON. My javascript journey has just begun, and I feel as though completing this cert gave me solid ground to work my way into more complicated concepts.

The section I had the most trouble with was functional programming. Learning the mechanics of array filter, map, and reduce was really challenging, and it forced me to think in a way I was completely unfamiliar with. I had to go through this section twice to really grasp it.

Outside of the main curriculum, I’ve felt empowered to push my understanding through various projects. I put together a REST API using node, express, and mongodb using a Youtube tutorial, and understood a decent amount of what was going on!

Overall, the struggle was well worth it. Some days I felt like a genius, other days I could barely remember how to create variables. Being consistent was what ultimately helped me finish; I’d dedicate at least one hour to coding every morning M-F.

I’m glad I found out about this site, and look forward to expanding my knowledge further. Cheers everyone, and happy coding!



Hi @liam.stojanovic !


Have fun with front end!


Congratulations for your achievement, keep going in the process.

I think is something normal to many(including me), so don’t worry.

That is the key, do not stop, keep going even with small steps.
Best of wishes


Heya @liam.stojanovic!
Congratulationsssss!!! Keep it going, you’ll progress better and further! Sorry for the late wishes, just checked the forum. Anyhow, best wishes and congrats again!

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How much time did you spend on this?

i spent 600 hours to get mine. i had to take a break on code wars because the intermediate algorithms was kicking my ass. and it took me an entire week to figure out the cash register project. but its no race, so i wouldnt be caught up on how long it takes, it’s a matter of learning the material. theres nothing wrong with completing it in 1000 hours as long as you retain the knowledge being taught.

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