Thank you for teaching me

I would like to thank everyone for thir support in my learning of computer coding.
I have learned much.

My Front End certification unfortunately remains a couple of projects short.
I hope to finish it at some point.

Thank you and all the best.


Good luck with your remaining projects and happy coding.

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I am ready to learn. what should i do?

Ok. What do I do now?

what do I do? Continue projects on fcc?

When and where should I sxpect conflict?

Thank you very much.

Good night. And thank you

Please don’t keep writing posts and then deleting them that is just very confusing. Use the edit function.

Continue to learn and write as much code as you can.

Quality over quantity, code a little every day, learn a little every day, stay focused. There are no silver bullets, only hard work.

Practice using the fCC projects and other project ideas.

Ask for help on the forum if you need help.

Get good at reading documentation and searching for answers.

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