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I want my age field 18-80 for max and min, but it allows me to enter any age. What am I missing?

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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There is nothing wrong with your age field. You can enter any value but you won’t be able to submit the form if the age is not in the required range. Try it by adding an input element with submit type.

Hey Julia. Could you clarify what you mean by it allowing you to enter your age? You are allowed to type age 1 or 81 if you so choose and it does show me on Firefox that those are invalid inputs. The point is that you should be unable to submit them. So far, I think you’re on the right track but you’re definitely missing the submit button and quite a bit more for this challenge.

I think you are saying once I have my submit button, then only the ages I have in my max and min will be allowed. Right now it seems like I can enter an age outside of my “range.”