Help with <label>

i have been trying to make this work for the past 40 min, the error says “Make sure each of your label elements has a closing tag.”

 <label for="happy"><input id="happy" type="checkbox" name="personality">Funny</label>
 <label for="sad"><input id="sad" type="checkbox" name="personality">sad</label>
 <label for="dumb"><input id="dumb" type="checkbox" name="personality">dumb</label>

Hello, handatoe.

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It would help us, if you added the link to the challenge you are referring to.

the label tag shouldn’t have the attribute ‘for’

in between the label tags should be the text you want to show as the label

<label> Happy </label>

and then the input on which you want the label to show.

<label>Happy</label> <input>