Hey Everyone. Please help is neededin step 53

Please, how do I include a for attribute in the label element. The code I have written does not pass.

<input id="loving" type="checkbox"> <label> <input for="Loving"></label>

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Can you post your code and the link to the challenge.

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I do to post the code but somehow it disappears after i create the topic. Its frustrating when people think i don’t post the code and this makes it hard for help to come

Step 53 doesn’t need a label element. Only an input element. Are you sure you are in Step 53, but step 55 needs a label with a for .

Assuming you are in Step 55

You have given the for attribute to an input element, that input element is not necessary, you should give a for attribute with the value “loving”, and there should be a label text of Loving.

Oh my goodness! Its step 55 not 53. My head is so full that I completely forgot the step. Thanks so much for making me notice the error

This one doesn’t pass too and it have the for attribute. Please what am i doing wrong

 <input id="loving" type="checkbox"> <label> <for="loving"> Loving </label>

This is not how you use an attribute. Now for is an element like label, for should be an attribute.

This is an example:

<element attribute="value"></element>

I finally got it right after so many tries. Coding is not easy but doable. Thanks again.


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Add input element. Then just put it’s Type. After the closing “>”, just put a space before the word Loving.

it didn’t work!

What's your cat's personality? Loving

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Thank you.