Help with personal portfolio challenge

Hey guys, the personal portfolio page seems way more advanced than the tribute page. I haven’t learned half of the things required to make it yet. Did I miss some lessons somewhere?

Did you reach any specific scenario you couldn’t handle?
The tribute page and portfolio are not so much different from one another, you need just about the same level of knowledge. Nothing except basic css and html.

I suppose we’re meant to do research on it because this is my first time encountering making a nav bar that will send you to a section of the screen by clicking.

Yes, the whole idea of freecodecamp is to give you the tools to accomplish a task. The ideal way to do a project is to imagine how you want it to look, and then go research how you would make that happen.

You have the knowledge to make a navbar (it’s just ul > li, and we happen to want to call it a navbar, it’s not a technology), of what a link is and how an ID works. Linking those together depends on your particular implementation, and you will need to research specificities for every project.

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That makes a lot more sense.

Thanks Greg, I appreciate your time!